How About This Amazing Wall-to-Wall Online Masterclass that Shows You How To Build Strength and Resilience into You, Your People, and Your Business

How Does Your Future Look After Serving?

  • Has the shift from the Forces to Civvy Street been a frustrating challenge?

  • Do you struggle with knowing how to fit in?

  • Want to build or grow a business that delivers your goals, no question?

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Seven Stunning Speakers with Service and Business Experience Come Together In One Awesome Day

Joe O’Connor is a man with a lot of fantastic connections – and he’s pulled together a brilliant group of inspiring speakers. People with a combination of service and vast business experience.

And they are combining all their service and experience to bring you an utterly amazing day rammed with inspiration, ideas and initiatives.

If you are ex-forces, still in service, in business or want to be – or know someone who is…

  • And you want to understand how to turn those military skills into highly sought-after assets in the wider world…
  • Or make an even greater contribution than you already are…
  • Or build a business that supports you and your family in achieving your dreams…
Standing on the shoulders of giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

is an online conference, where you get a front-row seat in your own office or home.

Joe is inviting you to join him on Saturday 30 October, for a day of non-stop Mastermind sessions, learning, sharing, and collaborating.

He’s brought together some of the worlds leading speakers to deliver keynote presentations that will BLOW YOU AWAY.

Plus – your ticket price includes a FREE place for a Veteran who would also benefit from the inspiring content the speakers have lined up.

Why Hold the Event Now?

We’ve faced some of the toughest business and personal times ever in the past 18 months. Some businesses have closed their doors, others are hanging on by their fingertips, many have shrunk their operations.

Meanwhile, at the same time, other enterprises have flourished by spotting other opportunities, and pivoting their companies with fresh thinking.

While the hospitality industries have definitely taken a big knock, for others, adversity provided a chance to change – and grow.

Often the only difference between those businesses who survived, and those who are no longer around, was the mindset and grit of the owners.

Even in great economic times, those positive thinking, inventive and truly resilient business owners are the ones that do best.

And that is indeed the purpose of the Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Event – to give existing and aspiring business owners with a military
background, or an interest and respect for the Forces, a fresh viewpoint, a boost, a new foundation.

And Your Ticket Gives a Veteran in Need
of Support a Seat at the Event Too.

Yes - for every ticket sold Service Veterans benefit in two ways:

  • Each ticket buys a seat for a Veteran at the event
  • 10% of the proceeds – not the profits – a clear 10% of your ticket
    price, goes to Transformation for Veterans, the registered charity Joe
    founded to help veterans and their loved ones reintegrate back into

Joe's Motivation Behind This Event

What’s Your ‘Why’? Your Mission, or Purpose?

Here’s Joe’s…

To say Joe has been to hell and back a few times is a bit of an understatement, but he is still standing with a profound desire to help others.

At the age of 37 whilst on selection with the UK’s Elite Special Forces (S.A.S.), he was blown off a mountain ridge during a military training exercise, falling some 400 feet, breaking his neck, leading to two spinal injury consultants determining lifelong paralysis. Yet despite that - years later he completed the New York marathon!

To achieve your true purpose in life, Joe believes you need to make a choice.
A choice whether to roll over and accept things just as they are – or push past adversity and succeed. His passion and purpose in life is to enable you to realise your full potential.

The same drive and vision brought him to establish his company, The Transformer Lifestyle Company, and also create the charity Transformation for Veterans.

His absolute goal, his true passion, his ‘why’ is to help 1 million veterans to achieve success in their lives. Especially those who find life outside the forces difficult and frustrating.

Joe has succeeded hugely in his life, despite the immense difficulties he’s faced – and now he’s looking to give back.

Get hold of my ticket now!

What Will you Get From These Giants?

  • Develop resilience, create values-based leadership and get your
    teams to perform better than you ever thought possible
  • Create a winning mindset - The 6 step process of being heard, and
    then finding and discovering your ‘why’
  • Increase self-esteem and team empowerment
  • Grow your confidence, face any challenges, step up and win
  • Learn to negotiate like a pro, overcome objections and save the day
    – every time
  • How to have great conversations with prospects, clients,
    employers and colleagues
  • The power of influence – and how you can use your influence to choose your path through your business and personal life

In summary, you’ll learn strategies and tactics that are working RIGHT NOW and you can go ahead and implement immediately.

This really is a unique opportunity to learn directly from internationally renowned speakers like Martin Hewitt, Cheryl Chapman, John Thomson, Nicky Perfect, Lizzie Bernthal and David Shepherd. Plus your host, Joe O’Connor himself.

Being at 'The Giants Event' isn’t just about learning from world-class speakers…

It’s about surrounding yourself with other like-minded and ambitious Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Veteran Business Leaders, and forming collaborations, partnerships, and even friendships.

We may be online this year – but in future we intend to make this event live – yes, real people in front of each other! You’ll be able to enjoy fantastic networking opportunities, meeting and mingling with great people, having brilliant conversations.

So I should tell you – buying a ticket to this year’s Standing on the Shoulders of Giants event gets you an ENORMOUS discount off next year’s tickets, plus some incredible offers throughout the year.


On Saturday evening we’re hosting our 'Giants' party for all our ticket holders!
Yes – this means you!

On this page you can find all the info you need – speaker bios, ticket pricing, the whole nine yards.


If you have any questions whatsoever before booking your ticket, please feel free to email my team on [email protected]

‘See’ you there!

Joe O'Connor DipPFS AMC FRSA 'The Transformer'
CEO & Creator of The Transformer Lifestyle Company 
Chairman of the registered charity ‘Transformation for Veterans’ 
All weather rugby fan, fair weather football fan, and all-round proud Dad

Who Are Your Speakers?

Let’s introduce your Speakers for the day:

BRIGADIER (Ret’d) John Thomson

Brigadier John Thomson joined The 3rd (Volunteer) Battalion, The 22nd (CHESHIRE) Regiment on its formation, holding a number of different appointments. The pinnacle of his career at unit level was to command the Battalion between 1994 and 1997. Having completed very successful tours on many different fronts, and just before the end of his command, he was appointed an OBE in the New Years Honour list of 1997.

In June 2002 he was appointed TA Colonel of 5th Division, which had its HQ
in Shrewsbury, and he was made an ADC (TA) to the Queen in July of that
year. During this tour he played a central role in such events as the Foot and
Mouth outbreak in the North West.

Brigadier Thomson has been selected for all of the Army’s senior training
courses, from Sandhurst through to staff College Camberley, The Defence
Strategic Leadership course and the Royal College of Defence Studies. He left service in April 2012.

John holds the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire, a royal appointment
that bestows huge responsibility.
John also runs a number of very successful businesses including a chain of
leading children’s nurseries

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl is on a mission to guide 10 million people to STOP asking ‘Why me?’

And START saying ‘Why not me!’

In 2015 she co-authored The Award-Winning Book, Find Your WHY to Become Frickin’ Awesome and launched The Find Your WHY Foundation in 2016.

With the A.I.M. To Find Your WHY Program - you can discover your WHY, your purpose, your passion ..the reason WHY you are here on this planet called Earth.

And the simple 3 step process also helps you to understand WHY you are where you are right now ...the positives and the potential blocks, barriers and beliefs that could beholding you back from more success.

Cheryl Chapman

Martin Hewitt

This is a greatly anticipated appearance by Martin Hewitt (just days before his Antarctica quest) – Martin is a former Captain in the Parachute Regiment,
most notable for his attempts to be the first to complete the Explorers Grand
Slam (North & South Pole and climb the seven highest summits in the world)
with a team of disabled mountaineers. (Martin is often seen on the BBC, ITV,
Amazon Prime and National Geographic) What this highly acclaimed speaker
cannot teach you about overcoming adversity is not worth knowing.

Captain Martin Hewitt served for eight years as a commissioned officer with
the Parachute Regiment, taking part in operations and exercises in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.

He was injured in 2007 in Afghanistan whilst leading his men in combat -
receiving gunshot wounds to the chest and foot. These injuries paralysed his
right arm and ended his military career.

Dr Lizzie Bernthall 

(PFHEA PhD MEd (Distinction) BSc (Hons 1st class) RM RGN)

Dr Lizzy Bernthal is an award-winning mindset, confidence and leadership coach, international speaker, author and a wellbeing, resilience and cultural change specialist.

She supports authentic leaders and ex- military personnel to stand tall, rediscover their voice and confidence to own all of who they are so they can soar.
She served 25 years as a British Army nurse and midwife and held the rank of LT Colonel and also gained a PhD in psychological wellbeing and resilience exploring the impact of deployment on the military family left at home.

In 2017 she was awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) for her global contribution to higher education – of which only 700 had been awarded globally. She set up her business Release Your Potential Ltd in 2018.

Dr Lizzie Bernthall 

(PFHEA PhD MEd (Distinction) BSc (Hons 1st class) RM RGN)

David Shephard

David Shephard is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis
and Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™ Techniques. 

David has been running NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates
since 1994. He became a Certified Master Trainer of NLP in 1996 and now
well over 1000 people have David's signature on their NLP Trainer certificate. 

David's training programmes are renowned for being very down to earth and simple to understand. His ferocious curiosity led him to study personal development on many levels, from the purely scientific to the truly magical. He can take some of the most complex ideas and distil them into a simple
system that anyone can learn and use.

David co-authored the highly respected book Presenting Magically, which is
widely held as being the best book on how to use NLP in presentations and
training ever published.
David teamed up a qualified team of coaches and a Veterans charity in 2009
with a view to creating a course that was transformational, education and
provided therapeutic outcomes for those who have served and are serving
within the armed forces. David is also a much sought-after Motivational
Speaker, Business Trainer and Achievement Coach.

Nicky Perfect

With 30 years as a Metropolitan police officer and the last 10 years spent as a hostage and crisis negotiator for New Scotland Yard, Nicky has many stories to tell about the importance of listening. She has travelled the world teaching negotiation and working with Her Majesties Government on international operations (kidnap, crime in action and suicide intervention), and also had the privilege of taking to hundreds or people in crisis and sharing in their stories.

Nicky spent many years as the Director of Training (and was the first female director) of the National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation training unit in the UK. She was responsible for designing and training police officers across the UK and assessing their capability as negotiators, focusing on how to apply communication skills to difficult situations.

Nicky Perfect

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